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How Does it Work

The satellite sends a signal that covers the whole of Australia.

This signal hits the entire surface of the dish and is reflected and focussed onto the LNB which sits out in front of the dish. This signal is then sent via coaxial cable to the Satellite decoder which unscrambles the signal for display on the television screen.

What Makes the Portasat Better Than a Normal Antenna?

Normal terrestrial antennas only have a limited range and are heavily influenced by geographical features such as hills and valleys. The Portasat receives its signal from the satellite which has good reception all over Australia.

Purchase a Portasat for only $800!

Kit includes

  • 75cm White Dish with removable arm
  • Quality Adjustable Tripod
  • 10700 LNB
  • Latest Programmable Satellite Finder (Pretuned)
  • 2 x 1.5mtr & 1 x 10mtr Coax Cables
  • Barrel Joiner
  • Wall Plate for through wall connection
  • High Quality Padded Bag that fits all components
  • Dish alignment sticker on rear of dish for easy reference
  • Easy to follow Manual
  • Demonstration for instore purchases
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