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Solar Power Explained

Solar power does not have to be complicated!



  • Solar panels are installed on the roof and absorb the suns energy.
  • A solar inverter is installed (usually in the garage) and this changes the suns energy into usable electricity.
  • The power produced will be used by the household first and the remaining or excess electricity produced will be fed back into the power grid and your electricity retailer will pay you for that power.
Solar Power Explained - Evolution Solar Kingaroy

There are 4 main things to understand about solar power.

Solar Panels

Installing inferior solar panels means that they will not absorb as much of the suns energy as they are capable of doing – meaning less usable electricity will be produced and the more electricity you will need to draw (and pay for) from your electricity provider.

Solar power system sizes are based on the number of solar panels that are installed on the roof. Most solar panels on the market today are between 250W-340W each. This means that the average 5kW solar power system will be between 15 and 20 solar panels.


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The solar inverter is one of the most important parts of any solar system and should be bought with great care! Even if the best solar panels in the world were installed – if the inverter is not efficiently changing the DC current from the solar panels to usable AC current then the suns power is being wasted.

There are two different types of inverters:-

String inverters and mircro inverters.

Inverter capabilities of all inverters are increasing every day with many offering online monitoring already.

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Financial Incentives

Financial incentives offered by the government have changed quite a few times over the years so it does tend to cause some confusion. They are offered in the form of STC’s (Small-scale Technology Certificates). The bigger the solar system (or renewable energy system) the bigger the number of STCs. This is then multiplied by a daily rate at which companies will buy these certificates for.

The best thing to do is to get a quote from us at Evolution Solar Kingaroy and our quote will clearly show you how much discount you will receive on any given system.

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Feed In Tariffs

Any excess electricity produced (after it has been used to run anything in the household) will be fed back into the power grid and your electricity retailer (AGL, Origin, Click etc) will pay you for it. Usually you will notice a small credit on your electricity bill for this amount. Unlike in previous years – the feed in tariff is only small – around 6c-8c/kWhr depending on what your electricity retailer is offering. Hence why we advise customers to use as much of their power they produce from their solar system as possible and draw less from the power grid.


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