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The Aim is to use all the Power Produced

Feed in tariffs have decreased dramatically over the years. In most states around Australia, the feed in tariff is only minimal and is usually lower than what people pay to draw power. This means that there will not be a significant amount offered in return for excess power that is fed back into the grid.

As a result, it is better to produce power and use it rather than buy it from the electricity retailer or sell it back to the retailer at a cheaper price. Depending on which retailer is being used, feed in tariffs are around 6c-10c/kWhr.

Feed in Tariff - Evolution Solar Kingaroy

Make Your Solar System Work For YOU!!!

How to Get the Most of your New Solar Power System

Once your solar system has been installed, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of it. Most tips are just a change in routine or very inexpensive but can save you loads in the long run.

  • Try and run as much as you can during the day. Start dishwashers and washing machines/driers after the sun has risen so they run on power being generated.
  • Rearrange hot water tariffs and pool tariffs to run on tariff 11 (the main tariff) so that they draw from the solar system and not off peak power.
  • Add a timer to hot water systems and/or pool pumps to give you greater control of when they run. Try to keep them running during daylight hours and less at night time.
  • You pay for any electricity you use once the sun has gone down – try to run as little as possible in that time!