Solar Financial Incentives and STCs

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STC Financial Incentives are offered as a point of sale discount.

STCs or Smale-scale Technology Certificates are financial incentives that are now offered on renewable energy systems. Each system has a number of STCs attached to it and companies (or the clearing house) will buy these STCs at a daily rate. This is the amount that will be taken off the full cost of each renewable energy system and the balance will be the out of pocket expense.

For example – a 5.2kW solar system has around 100 STCs attached to it and the daily rate is around $38/STC. This means that a discount of $3800 will be taken off the solar systems selling price – usually at point of sale.

It is important to remember — the daily rate can fluctuate significantly and the area where a solar power system is installed may affect how many STCs will be attached to the system. Its best to talk to our team at Evolution Solar Kingraoy to find out what size system you would like to install and they will tell you exactly how much you can expect to come off the price.

STCs Rebate - Save Money