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Solar System Maintenance Should be Minimal

When quality solar panels, inverters and installation teams have been choosen – the solar system maintenance will be minimal. However, like everything in life, it will need some TLC. We recommend giving doing some solar system maintenance every year. This include:-

  • Giving your solar panels a good clean. Australia has large amounts of salt in the air not to mention bird droppings, tree sap, dust and so on. All these create a layer of dirt on your solar panels which can decrease efficiency by 25% meaning less power produced.
  • Cleaning your roof. Wind can blow leaves and general debris underneath solar panels. The space between the roof and the solar panels helps them stay cool and not to overheat – if this becomes full of debris the higher the risk of the solar panels overheating and under performing.
  • Ensuring the solar system is up to code. Rules and regulations for safety are changing and being updated all the time. It is worth getting a yearly solar system maintenance done where electrical components can be check and updated if necessary. Solar racking and railing which secures the solar panels to the roof will also be checked. When it comes to safety it is better to be over cautious than risk the lives of your family who live under that roof.
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