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Benefits of WormSmart Eco Septic Tank Systems

Worm Farm - Evolution Solar Kingaroy
  • The treated effluent can be put through either old-fashioned low maintenance trenches or low-pressure sub surface irrigation. Low-pressure sub surface irrigation can be utilized for growing of plants and shrubs in a specific area – or multiple areas.


  • Sub surface irrigation with treated sewage can be beneficial to plant growth while evapotranspiration returns water to the environment with minimal impact.


  • The added benefit of a WormSmart Bio-Logical Waste Treatment System is that it breaks down the solids, faeces, toilet paper and other organic matter from your kitchen sink by way of vermiculture (unlike expensive treatment plants).


  • The wet decomposition chamber incorporated in the units design acts like a mini ecosystem – much the same way as nature works on the floor of a rain forest. Vermiculture, like nature, is an effective way to treat faecal matter.


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